More of Sydney and Arriving in the Gold Coast


On Thursday, I experienced a Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise. We got on the boat around 7:15pm and got off at 10.00pm.


The Harbour looks 100% nicer at night in all the city lights!

After the Cruise, I stayed in the Intercontinental Hotel Sydney – which was beautiful! (5*)


The Hotel had a Vera Wang Wedding dress boutique with some gorgeous dresses.


I only managed to take one photo at breakfast without looking like a complete looney! However – one thing I can say is that you are spoilt for choice at Breakfast. From a juicer with an unlimited choice of fruit and veg to make your own juice to your standard breakfast along with lots of continental breakfast choices.

I’m interested to see if the Intercontinental I stay in, in Hong Kong differs in many ways or not.


Arriving in the Gold Coast.

Monday 28th March – I flew with Virgin Australia from Sydney to the Gold Coast. I cannot believe the flight only took 1hr5mins, I barely had time to finish my complementary drink, ha! We arrived at our apartments and below is a few pictures of the view from the balcony and from on the beach.


Yummy Chinese food at the Airport, Choice of meal and noodles/rice for $11 (Bargain)



I was laid on the beach for around an hour and I have unbelievable tan lines to prove it


It is now Tuesday as I am writing this post. Today I just completely chilled out, I think the Gold Coast is one of the ultimate places to go in Aus if you just want to chill out and see beautiful views. But I did see lots of people on the beach having a Surfing lesson if sitting on the beach all day isn’t for you.

More to come from Aus! (then on to Hong Kong)

P.S – I apologise that some photos are crappy quality, I am due a phone upgrade soon!

Love, Megan X





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