Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I did it! On the 1st April 2016 I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Firstly let me say, if you go to Sydney you should definitely do this, It is expensive but luckily enough mine was paid for as a present. I would say if you plan a trip to Sydney include this in your plan as the views you see are more than worth it.

The climb cost around $200 and the prices differ depending what time of day it is, I think this is based around what you want your picture to look like.

Your options are Dawn, Day, Twilight and Night time, as you can tell by my picture I did my climb during the day at 1:45pm.

The climb experience as a whole takes around 3 hours, this is from going in, having a talk with a member of staff, filling in a form, and taking a breathalyzer (first time for everything). You then get changed into your very attractive bodysuit, as it was about 25 degrees the day i did the climb, they advise you to take off your clothes and just leave your underwear on. I for one am glad i followed this instruction as it was very warm, especially at the top of the bridge.

Once you are changed and ready, you get all your equipment on. Your equipment includes-

  • A belt
  • A headset
  • A clip with a hat attached
  • A clip with a hanky attached
  • The all important clip that attaches you to the side of the bridge

They also give you a clip to attach your glasses/ sunglasses too which is handy!

There are three different routes you can do on the climb, However i did the one that takes the longest which i think is the best option unless you don’t have enough time then there are two other options that let you get to the top quicker.

I did think the climb would be alot scarier than it was, I would say the most scared I was throughout the climb was w hen climbing up and down the ladders.

Besides that it was an amazing experience and something to tick off my bucket list.


At the end of the climb you get one free photo and can buy as many photos as you want, I think throughout the climb i got about 10 pictures taken of me which is brill as you have lots of choice as to which picture you choose. At the end you also receive a certificate to say you have done it!


Hope this is helpful for anyone visiting Sydney or planning on in the future








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