New Products

Whilst in Sydney I  purchased a few items, one of which I have been dying to try.


  1. Mac satin lipstick, Retro.



This lipstick is a gorgeous dark pink. The pink is slightly darker than a crimson pink but is definitely more pink than red. I much prefer Mac Satin lipsticks to Matte as i still think you get a good finish and the colour does still stain the lips and keep well but you have that sheen, slightly glossy look. I’m not a big fan of lip glosses so if you are put off Satin lipsticks as you think they will be too glossy, don’t be! The shade I would say is more appropriate for a night out with full makeup. Refer to the swatch above to see the shade on a darker skin tone*  This is a gorgeous lipstick and i’m glad it is now part of my collection.


2. Benefit ‘Boi-ing’ concealer


This concealer is very different to any i have tried before, as it says on the packet it is an ”industrial concealer’. When using this product I have applied this before my foundation then after foundation turned to my MAC Pro longwear concealer. I would describe this benefit product as more of a blurring cream, the colour is quite an orange tone (for skin tones similar to mine) and therefore works as a good colour corrector for under the eyes. I have quite visible veins on my eyelids and black circles under my eyes therefore the way this concealer works for me is that i blurs the visibility of the veins and bags under my eyes. All i would say for this product is that it does not work for me alone, I do still need to apply another concealer to get more coverage.


3. Benefit ‘Watts up’ cream highlighter

This product is the one I have been wanting to try for a while. I usually turn to powder highlighters when purchasing them as I find there are more out there. However when trying this product I absolutely love the consistency of it. As a cream product, it is easy to be able to build up a really strong look but you can also apply a small subtle amount. I would say the applicator is good and you do get quite alot of product. But one thing I would say is that i dont like the sponge end of the applicator. I think the purpose of this end was designed so you could apply the highlight and then rub the highlighter in. All i found that this did was get lots of my foundation on the sponge therefore I just found it must easier to use my finger to blend out the product.


More makeup posts to come soon!

Meg XX

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