It has been so long since I did a post and I hate that because writing is something I love to do.

I thought I’d use this post to reflect on things I’ve learnt over the last year or so

  1. It is so important to look after yourself
    Over the past year or so I’ve been having a few issues with my body in different ways, body confidence and general health.  I’ve learnt just how important it is to look after your body. I’ve been pushing so many issues to the side, pretending they aren’t there for so long that i’m so glad i’m now facing them head on.  Having grown up constantly having my body shape commented on has really taken a toll on me. I’m now starting to be more confident, i’m looking after my body, going to the gym; something i never thought i would do but I enjoy.
  2. You must do things that scare you
    I know that for many, things such as job interviews are not a scary thing. But for me a job interview is such a huge thing. But this year I have pushed myself, I travelled to London for a job interview, also a big thing for me. I cried, I changed my mind multiple times but I did it and I think it is so important that you push yourself to do things that scare you.
  3. Get rid of the toxic people in your life
    We all have them people in our lives who bring negativity. I’ve realised that it is much more important to focus on the people who bring joy to your life, cherish them and make time for the people who make time for you.
  4. Money is not everything
    I think that most of us in life worry about money because lets face it, it is a huge part of every day life for everyone. But its so important to remember that in certain situations, you must remember that your well-being and health is the most important factor. Over the Christmas break, I took some time off to really relax and spend time with the important people in my life and I don’t regret doing so as it’s set me up for the new year to be motivated and ready to face the year head on.
  5. Be true to yourself
    Never forget why you made some decisions that you did. There is always going to be times in life when you have to make big decisions about your life path. At age 16-17 you are thinking about whether you are going to go to university or whether you are going to go into work. Fast forward 4 years and I’m about to complete my final year at university and have to make all sorts of decisions about where I will live, where I will apply for jobs etc. But I’m reminding myself that I must be true to myself and remember why I have made decisions I have made up until this point to help make new decisions.


With these things in mind, along with other things, I have set myself some resolutions for the year 2018.

  • Secure a graduate job that I love
  • Be more conscious of what I eat/ look after my body
  • Spend more time with the people who mean the most
  • Read more
  • Show off my confidence
    And lastly..
  • Post more on my blog!!!!! 


See you soon,

Meg X




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