Current Top Five Favourite YouTubers


I have a bit of a different blog post today, this post will consist of five people that I currently love watching on YouTube. I love to just sit down (or lay in bed, lol) watching YouTube videos, I am quite the fan of a vlog but I do enjoy lots of other videos too.

Sooo, in no particular order, my current favourites are ..

I have only recently started watching Madison’s videos, I have followed Madison on Instagram for a while and discovered that she does YouTube videos and i’m hooked!
Madison’s videos consist mainly of Vlogs, Hauls, Makeup try on’s and she has done quite a few tags/Q&A’s. 

If you love all things makeup and beauty, this is the girl for you to watch! Her video’s are never dull as her personality really shines through her videos and she’s the kind of girl I feel like I would definitely be good friends with. Madison’s currently planning her wedding which as an Event Management student, I am sooo excited to see the process as I’m sure she will be vlogging alot of it. 


Imogen is somebody I have been watching on YouTube since she started just over a year ago. Her videos mainly consist of Hauls, Try On’s, Vlogs and Story times. I love how positive Imogen is in her videos, her story times are really interesting to watch as she has a lot to share and there is always a lesson to learn from her story times. 

If you are in need of some positivity in your life, this girl is the one to watch! She really promotes self love and confidence and who doesn’t need some of that in their life?


Samantha is a YouTuber I have followed for quite a long time. Samantha is literally the coolest mum out there. Her videos consist of Vlogs, plenty of Fashion videos, Routines and lots of chatty style videos. I love Samantha’s style and she’s always up to date with trends and has done videos showing how to style different pieces. 

A few of Samantha’s vlogs consist of travelling, which I looove as I plan on travelling in the near future so its always interesting to follow travelling vlogs. 


  • Savannah Brymer

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Savannah is a YouTuber I have only recently come across but I love her videos. Savannah’s videos are mainly story times and this girl has alot of story times! I really do enjoy listening to people’s life stories and like Imogen, Savannah is really positive in her videos which is always nice to watch. 

Recently Savannah has also started a series in which she discusses missing person’s cases and any theories surrounding them. I’m really in to watching crime documentaries/programmes (anything crime!) So this series is one I am really enjoying watching as it is something I am really interested in learning about. (This has potentially been rubbed off onto me by my boyfriend, who studies criminology!) Although I have always loved watching CSI/Criminal Minds.


  • Louise Pentland

YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Louise is a YouTuber I have always dabbled in watching, but more recently I find myself watching her videos weekly. Louise’s videos are mainly very chatty videos, sometimes about beauty, sometimes story times.  Louise has just given birth to her second baby and I’ve really enjoyed watching her Weekly vlogs since she gave birth. Louise comes across so genuine and honest which I love.  I have also recently read Louise’s book ‘Wilde Like me’ on holiday which I would definitely recommend. 


You may be reading this and seeing quite a common theme running through the type of videos I watch, but if you haven’t already then you should give these 5 YouTuber’s a watch. Although the theme running through their videos is similar, they are all very different and soo worth subscribing to if you enjoy YouTube.

Please do leave some comments below with people you enjoy to watch, or any podcasts you like to listen to, as I’m quite intrigued by podcasts and would like to get into them.

Thank you for reading,

I’ll be back soon,


Meg XX

4 thoughts on “Current Top Five Favourite YouTubers

  1. I love Louise, despite how different our lives are! I’m nowhere near the point of being a proper adult managing their own family, but I find Louise fun and easy to watch. I love how honest and down to earth she appears, unlike many other big beauty-lifestyle YouTubers who get detached from reality soon after becoming popular or ‘famous’.


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