Valentines Date, Fazenda: A Review.



So for Valentine’s Day, me and my boyfriend went to Fazenda in Manchester, an all you can eat, Brazilian buffet.  We are both big steak lovers, so this place sounded perfect.


The Valentines Day Menu included:

  • A glass of prosecco to start 
  • Their huggge selection of meats (including- filé-mingon, sirlion, chorizo, pork belly .. and so much more.
  • A trio of desserts to share (that turned out to be in fact 8 mini desserts!!)
  • The biggest salad buffet you have ever seen


This dining experience is nothing like your average buffet experience, its so much more. There are around 10, if not more waiters serving you, all with different meats. You are provided with a card to show your waiters, green or red. Green pretty much meaning “give me allllll the meat”. Red meaning, “i’m having a greedy pause”. The meats are brought to your table and carved for you which gives such a personal touch to the experience. As it was Valentine’s Day, I was given a rose by a member of staff on arrival which was such a small but lovely touch.

The salad bar is so much more than a salad bar.  Name a side dish and I assure you, its on there! From coleslaw to a selection of cheeses to rice and peppercorn sauce! Everything you could ever want to eat is on this salad bar, even sushi! The best thing about this salad bar is you can return as many times as you like (amazing!)

I was feeling pretty full but when the desserts were delivered to our table, but I could not resist!

The desserts included :

  • chocolate orange macaroon (close favourite!)
  • A scone with jam and cream
  • A strawberry tart
  • A jam doughnut
  • A caramel macaroon
  • A lemon and lime cheesecake
  • A chocolate rice crispy cake
  • A salted caramel brownie with marshmallow (definite favourite!)
    (These are my guesses at what the desserts were as I tried them all but wasn’t actually told what they were)

Advice before attending: 

  • Don’t eat too much during the day if you are attending at night, save lots of room for all the food!
  • Have a look at the menu online prior incase you are unsure of names of any meats etc (this was a given for me)
  • There are vegetarian options!
  • You can ask waiters for your meat to be cooked to your preference
  • There are sides such as chips that are not on the buffet but are served table side
  • Remember to put your card to green so the waiters know you’re ready 
  • There are restaurants in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Edinburgh


I really enjoyed my experience at Fazenda and would definitely return again!

I hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know if you would like any more restaurant reviews? I know when i’m reading reviews, I prefer them to be pretty informal, so i keep mine pretty casual.


Back soon,


Meg XX


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