My Top 10 self-care tips

Hello all, it is nice to be back writing. 

A quick update
Firstly: I have recently finished University and I graduated in July with a 2:1 and have been really quite busy since!

Secondly: I have just moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and so I will hopefully be doing some posts along the way that are interior/house related as I’m obsessed with buying things for the apartment. 

This post is slightly different to normal but it was an idea that sprang to mind and I thought why not. So I am going to share with you my top ten self-care tips/ things to do when you are feeling slightly down etc, that I have found to help me either cure my boredom or help me feel better if I’m having a crappy day! 

  1. Have a nice long bath
    Arguably this is quite an obvious one but I really think its just one of the best ways to have some ‘me time’. I love to have a really warm bath filled with either a nice bubble bath or a bath bomb and just relax listening to some music with a candle lit. 
  2. Mindfulness colouring
    I’ve recently rediscovered my love for doing this and honestly, it’s just such a relaxing activity to do. You can either buy yourself a book full of patterns and pictures to colour, there are so many mindfulness colouring books out there now. Or there are plenty of free apps you can get that work just the same!
  3. Listening to podcasts
    I have only in the past couple of months starting getting into podcasts but honestly, I love them! I had always heard people on YouTube and Twitter discussing podcasts but never got round to listening but now I’m hooked. There is literally a podcast for everyone and its an alternative to listening to music if you are maybe bored of listening to the same albums or just fancy a change. I first found myself listening to podcasts whilst travelling alone on public transport, as it was a way of distracting myself from feeling anxious but now I tend to just listen to them whenever!

  4. Cooking/Baking
    I know cooking and baking might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I really find that it can be a great way of making yourself feel great. I find that if I’m feeling maybe crap because I’ve had a weekend out drinking or I’ve been eating unhealthy, a way of making myself feel better is cooking some healthy food. Now I’m not going to act as though I’m an ultra clean eater because I’m really not. Straight after a night out, I will almost definitely chow down on a takeaway but I really do feel better if I cook myself some healthy but tasty food. If maybe that doesn’t sound like you, I love to find recipes for something yummy and have a go at making it myself.
  5. Getting up early and having breakfast
    Now, this is one I definitely do not follow on a day to day basis and I do love a lie-in and I don’t always have breakfast. But I can definitely say that setting an alarm even if you have nothing planned for the day, getting up and having breakfast is such a great way to start a day.
  6. Have some time without your phone
    I am definitely amongst the majority of the population, in that I am glued to my phone pretty much 24/7. I think that having even just a couple of hours throughout the day without your phone can do wonders for your headspace.
  7. Pamper yourself
    It really is crazy how good shaving your legs and painting your nails can make you feel.  Whether it is that simple and all you do is the latter or whether you go all out. I’m really into face masks at the minute (I would love any suggestions of any to try in the comments!). But there are so many ways you can pamper yourself whether it be a face mask, doing a full skincare routine or an actual spa day (if you’re lucky).
  8. Make a to-do list
    Now you may be reading this and thinking, won’t that make me feel worse? Well, it doesn’t have to. You can write yourself a list of things you know you need to get done whether that be daily/weekly, whatever. From the smallest of things to more vital things, this way you can feel good when you are ticking things off your list. It is much better to write these things down so that you can actually see what you have achieved. It’s easy to get hung up and stressed about maybe not doing that thing you maybe should have been doing, but having a list like this can really help to get jobs done.
  9. Have a De-clutter
    I have found myself de-clutter A LOT over the last couple of years since being between home and uni. I don’t know about you but I seem to be a slight hoarder and keep clothes that I maybe I like but I know don’t fit me. The amount of random crap we collect and just shove away in space we maybe don’t look often is crazy. De-cluttering could literally be cleaning out your makeup collection and getting rid of items that you don’t use or random empty bottles. Or it could be, if you have the time, a full de-clutter of pretty much all the crap you need to get rid of! This is definitely one of the best ways of just feeling like you deserve a pat on the back (or a glass of wine) and makes you feel super cleansed! (A de-clutter could even be deleting them people who bring negativity to your life from your social media)

    And last but not least … 

  10. Exercise
    Maybe another obvious one, and probably one I need to start practising more again before I preach. I find that this is something I, myself definitely have to get into the routine of doing and then its something I love. However, it doesn’t have to be going to the gym or going on a run, It can literally be going on a walk, a bike ride or even doing a workout DVD at home. Exercise really is not just healthy for your physical health but also your mental health. 

    I really do hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and if I have helped even just one person with this list of ten then I would be so happy.Please feel free to share with me any tips you have or give me a comment if you follow any of these tips that I have said already.

    See you soon,

    Meg, XX



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